Aldershot Town FC Advert

Aldershot Town football club play in the NPower League Two and required a promotional "advert" to entice fans through their turnstiles and increase the supporter base.  We sat down and came up with a script that told the story of the team from training through to match day with the focus on encapsulating the atmosphere and energy within the stadium.

Originally we looked at interviews and talking head content but decided a music based film would be the most useful tool for the clubs needs and allows us to update certain shots in the future to keep it up to date.

This particular project took a great deal of planning as well as a a bit of good old lady luck. We required certain shots and relied heavily on the team performing on the pitch to enable us to film the excitement within the stands. We also needed full access to the players tunnel and touchline during the match and therefore a close relationship with the club needed to be formed to be given such access.

Filmed over three separate days (one day at the training ground and two matches) we were fortunate enough to be rolling when Aldershot scored, this was the only goal scored in the two matches and luckily for us provided all the energy we needed. If they hadn't scored this goal we would have had to either film for a third game or use some clever trickery in the edit...fortunately both were not required!

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