Rob Higgs’ Amazing Corkscrew!


Mr Higgs' corkscrew is not slim, it cannot be held in the hand and the only similarity it shares with its namesake is that it does remove corks from bottles.

Weighing at more than three-quarters of a tonne, this incredible beauty of 382 moving parts including gears, pulleys, levers, spring and bells that stands at 1.6m (5ft 3in) tall at its highest point, is cast from brass and is a glorious sight to behold when set in ponderous, whirring, clanking motion.

You only need to see the true delight on Derren Brown and Stephen Fry's faces to really appreciate just how much this exceptional and unique piece of art would be a welcome addition to any exclusive event.

We at Monsterfeet Media are delighted to have spent time creating the latest promotional DVD for the project.

Editor: icancreate

For more information on how to hire/buy The Corkscrew please email or call 07500 808907 / 07838 107207.


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